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Nelson Andayi Havi graduated with a law degree from the University of Nairobi in 2001. Havi chambered with Salim Dhanji & Company Advocates where he worked closely with Messrs. Salim Dhanji and Njoroge Regeru on high-profile commercial litigation. In 2002, he moved to the firm of Raffman Dhanji, Elms & Virdee Advocates where he was called to the bar in 2003 and effectively headed and handled the litigation department of the firm.

After a year of active practice with Raffman, Dhanji, Elms & Virdee Advocates, Havi moved to the firm of Muriu, Mungai & Company Advocates where he practised in its commercial and public law litigation department for two and a half years. He founded Havi & Company Advocates in 2006 and has practised as such to date. 

Havi specializes in land and environment, commercial, constitutional law and judicial review litigation and arbitration. He has participated in high-profile cases involving major players in the media and advertising industry, the banking industry, and the insurance industry and has acted for several County Governments.

Throughout his tenure at Raffman, Dhanji, Elms & Virdee Advocates and Muriu, Mungai & Company Advocates, Havi represented and still represents the Outdoor Association of Kenya, whose key members include Magnate Ventures Limited, Monier 2000 Limited, A1 Outdoor (K) Limited, Ad Site Limited, Uniken Marketing Services Limited and City Clock Limited. He has also, represented and continues to represent those individual companies. He successfully initiated, defended and completed litigation that saved the industry from a controversial street lighting monopoly and other advertising-related cases. Key among those cases are the following reported decisions:


  • Republic -vs- City Council of Nairobi & Another, Ex Parte Monier 2000 Limited & 7 Others (2005) eKLR;
  • Alliance Media Kenya Limited -vs- Monier 2000 Limited (2005) eKLR;
  • A1 Outdoor (K) Limited -vs- City Council of Nairobi (2006) eKLR;
  • Republic -vs- Municipal Council of Mombasa & Another, Ex Parte Uniken Marketing Services Limited (2007) eKLR; and,
  • Republic -vs- Municipal Council of Mombasa & 2 Others (2008) eKLR.  


In addition to legal practice experience, Havi served as President of the Law Society of Kenya for the period March, 2020 to March, 2022.


Esther A. Ang’awa – LLB, (UON)

Esther Adero Ang’awa graduated with a law degree from the University of Nairobi in 2013. Ang’awa chambered with Okundi &
Company Advocates where she was called to the bar in 2016. Ang’awa practised with Ibrahim Issack & Company Advocates and
thereafter under Ang’awa & Company Advocates.

Ang’awa joined Havi & Company Advocates in 2020. She is actively involved in the handling of several litigations, and
commercial and conveyancing matters. Notable among the cases handled was Supreme Court Petition No 12 of 2021, The Attorney General & 2 Others v. David Ndii & 79 Others [2022] eKLR, famously known as the BBI case.

In the case, which was heard by the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, the dichotomy in the processes
of amendment of the Constitution of Kenya through the parliamentary and popular initiative, and the role of public participation was settled. As a result, the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020 was declared invalid at the three litigation stages for the reason that it was not a popular initiative and for want of public participation.

Ang’awa has through her practice years, acquired considerable experience in the delivery of legal services. In addition to legal
practice experience, Ang’awa served as a Member of the Council of the Law Society of Kenya for the period March, 2020 to March, 2022.

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